What They're Saying, Vol. 2: "Christie: Winning"

February 06, 2016

What They're Saying…

“Christie: Winning”

“I’m Not Sure He Could Have Imagined A Better Performance Than He Has Delivered So Far.”

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS:  “I'm here with Jon Karl right now. And boy, Jon, Marco Rubio came into this debate with a head of steam. Ran right into Chris Christie.”

JONATHAN KARL: “I have never seen Christie tougher in this race, I have never seen Marco Rubio more rattled. He repeated himself three times, precisely when Chris Christie's criticism was, you always repeat yourself with the same canned speech. This was a tough moment for Marco Rubio.”

CNN’s Amanda Carpenter: “Is Christie Running This Debate? Holy Moly. In Control.”

CNN’s Maeve Reston: “Christie’s driving his message”

  • “...he’s showing his raw political talent tonight as he tries to get voters to give him a second look.”
  • “It wasn’t just that he demolished Marco Rubio in that initial exchange. Then asked whether he would negotiate with North Korea, he touted his credentials as a prosecutor.”
  • “He seems to be doing a better job of driving his message tonight than any of the other candidates.”

Town Hall’s Guy Benson: “Winners of first segment: Christie, Jeb, Kasich. Loser: Rubio.”

David Gregory: “Jeb and Christie coming up big so far…”

The Boston Globe’s James Pindell: “Christie: winning”

The Wall Street Journal’s Heather Haddon: “Early assessment from ABC: Christie strong, Rubio rattled; Bush more energetic”

NPR’s Domenico Montanaro: “First hour: Chris Christie might have stamped out 'Marco-mentum'”

FiveThirtyEight’s Harry Enten: “...I’m not sure he could have imagined a better performance than he has delivered so far.”

Gawker: “Chris Christie Just Ripped Into Marco Rubio and the Crowd Loved It”

CNN’s David Mark: “Chris Christie is having a good night at the Republican debate.”

Austin Statesman’s James Barragán: “Chris Christie and, dare I say it, Jeb Bush having strong nights so far. No "please, clap" tonight. He's holding his own”

David Gregory: “Rubio weak when making a process argument on immigration. Christie strong when underlining what a leader does.”

Ann Coulter: “Christie kicking Rubio's butt:  He acts like Gang of 8 amnesty was something that just happened. IT WAS HIS IDEA.”

CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson: “Feels like Christie has been much more dominant. Has used his time very well.”

Fox News Radio’s Jared Halpern: “Christie land another jab. Audience again boos Rubio answer.”

Ari Fleischer: “Christie is really having a strong night.”

CBS’ John Dickerson: “What other debate attacks have been as  sustained and effective as Christie's on Rubio? Relentless.”

Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur: “Rubio, Jeb dodge when asked if majority of Americans who want higher taxes on rich are wrong. Christie is direct: "You're wrong."

NBC News’ Chuck Todd: “Christie, Kasich and Bush are all having their best debate performances tonight.  Is it too little too late or just in time”

Hugh Hewitt: “Wow. Superb answer by @ChrisChristie on basics of mobility of wealth.”

Steve Forbes: “#GOPDebate: Christie answer on "millionaire tax", courageous--and correct.”

NJ 101.5’s Bill Spadea: “Gotta give it to @GovChristie...he's spot on attacking the so-called 'millionaires tax'. "The 68% are wrong". Nicely done Gov.”