What They're Saying, Vol. 3: "Chris Christie Just Blew This Race Wide Open"

February 06, 2016

What They're Saying…

“Chris Christie Just Blew This Race Wide Open”

“Obvious Winner Of Debate Tonight Is Christie”

CNN’s John Avlon: “Christie won the debate.  Kasich and Jeb also had strong nights.”

Joe Scarborough: “Christie having one of his strongest nights.”

  • “Chris Christie just blew this race wide open.”

NBC News’ Kelly O'Donnell: “With three words, "There it is" @ChrisChristie nailed the Rubio repetition by calling it out as it happened”

Mark Halperin: “My debate report card grades: Christie A-, Trump A-, Bush B+, Kasich B+, Cruz B, Carson C, Rubio D. Full report cards coming soon.”

Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter: “Obvious winner of debate tonight is Christie.”

The New York Times’ Alex Burns: “Christie may be the best example in 2016 of why personality & raw, unteachable talent matter in politics. Will. Not. Get. Knocked. Down.”

CNN’s Phil Mattingly: “Jeb!, Christie and Kasich all needed big nights. Jeb, Christie and Kasich all having big nights.”

Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering: “Chris Christie Knocks Marco Rubio Off Script in New Hampshire”

Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff: “The New Jersey governor hammers away at the Florida senator over the former’s inexperience and slickness.”

Yahoo News’ Jon Ward: “A strong night for Chris Christie, anchored by his mauling of Rubio.”

Huffington Post: “Chris Christie Is Over Marco Rubio's Same Old 25-Second Speech”

The New Republic’s Alex Shephard: “Chris Christie spent all week talking about how he was going to own Marco Rubio at tonight’s debate.”

  • “And that’s exactly what happened.”

CBS News’ David Begnaud: “Christie is on a roll, and Rubio is his target. The crowd claps, by my count, every time Christie calls out Rubio.”

Fmr. Congresswoman Mary Bono: “It was a @ChrisChristie night, then Kasich, Bush, Trump. Rubio had a rotten night.”

The Week’s Michael B Dougherty: “Reducing prison pop, treating addiction, and saying you are pro-life for those addicted. Best moment of a good night for Christie.”

NBC News’ Luke Russert: “Christie giving the Catholic "pro-life" in every sense talk. Not done enough on #GOP side. Appeals to more people.”

Steve Forbes: “#GOPDebate: Christie excellent answer on drug epidemic.”

Austin American-Statesman’s James Barragán: “Chris Christie continues a strong night with that answer”

CNN’s Eric Bradner: “Chris Christie's answer on drug addiction was moving. "I’m pro-life for when they get out and it’s a lot more complicated," he said.”

The New York Times’ Alan Rappeport: “Christie is turning the addiction question into a way to demonstrate that he is "pro-life" for vulnerable people of all walks of life.”

Fox News’ Tammy Bruce: “Christie shining tonight. Doing everything re needed to do. He'll get a ticket out of NH. I'm a Christie critic & am increasingly impressed”

Wall Street Journal’s Heather Haddon: “Mr. Christie looks right at the screen, making an emotional appeal about how his pro-life stance is from birth to the grave. It’s an appeal that went viral when Mr. Christie connected his mother’s lifelong smoking habit to drug abuse.”

RealClearPolitics’ Caitlin Huey-Burns: “Christie's pro-life for all of life message is compelling. Other GOPers would be wise to adopt it.”

Newt Gingrich: “Christie very effective in describing pro life as applying to people after they are born.”

  • “Christie makes good case for public health priority in stopping spread of disease like ebola and zika”
  • “Christie good on six years he had defunded planned parenthood”

Hugh Hewitt: "You bet I would" thank you @ChrisChristie and for defense of past action re Ebola”

WGN Radio’s Steve Cochran: “Christie with really good dad answer on women in the military…”

  • “The summary...Winner #1 tonight: Chris Christie. The Gov was aggressive and smooth while mostly bashing Rubio”

The New York Times’ Alan Rappeport: “Christie, calling himself a doer rather than a talker, explains that he has actually de-funded Planned Parenthood in New Jersey.”

Los Angeles Times’ Jimmy Orr: “Story of the night was Chris Christie beating down Marco Rubio - without question. Trump benefits.”

Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet: “Big night for @ChrisChristie at #GOPDebate”